“Well done on seeing the bigger picture” she commented. I had bumped into an ex-teacher aide of my son’s at the supermarket this weekend. She had heard my son was skipping a year and heading to junior high in 2017; and this was her response.

On reflection – some parents would have just accepted their child’s struggles and not kept pushing for answers and understanding. We almost did! But I always knew there was something else going on with my boy. He was not just naughty and impulsive. There was a reason why he didn’t follow his teachers’ instructions at school. So glad we pushed!!

It has been a few weeks since I pretty much knew my son’s application to attend junior high next year (skipping year 6) was going to go ahead – I had been told informally that it just had to go through the standard processes. We had done the open day visit (so much fun!). Then the tour during school hours (with the Deputy Principal as our tour guide). My son multi-tasked while reading one of his favourite books, Eragon; there was a teacher there that had the same passion for this series of books. We handed in his application, with the educational psychologist report explaining he is highly gifted and twice exceptional, attached. That same afternoon I got a phone call from the Deputy Principal. She had spoken to the principal of my son’s primary school who had supported his junior high application. And that was that!

We received the formal letter of acceptance last week.

I have to say I expected to feel different – questioning whether this was the right decision. Instead I just feel completely at peace. We ARE looking at the big picture. Yes our son still has struggles socially. But we know our son is bored at primary school and needs to be challenged. And the times I have explained to his school (and others), again and again, that our son needs to be with INTELLECTUAL peers (not same-age peers) to develop the social skills he is lacking. It has paid off. My boy is excited! And I am too – for the possibilities opening up for him.

High school just ahead.