Tonight SHOULD have been our son’s leaving ceremony from primary school to junior high. However, as he is currently year 5, he doesn’t get to attend. One part of me understands that – it IS a year 6 leaver’s ceremony – but another part of me is incredibly sad, mixed with frustration.

Another thing missed – no year 6 camp, no year 6 leavers photo… the down-side of a grade skip – not that we regret our decision for a second!!

But this occasion – it’s almost as if he doesn’t get to celebrate finishing primary school, albeit a year early. That should be even MORE of a celebration – surely?! Why should he miss out on that?!

I recall his older sister’s leavers ceremony fondly. How well she spoke saying what she liked best about the school, and what her goals were for junior high the following year.

My son won’t get a chance to thank his teachers publically – he has had some good ones; teachers that believed in him. He won’t get to thank the school principal, who has advocated immensely for additional support for our son, then supported our grade skip application.

And to be honest, us as parents will miss out on some of the significance of this milestone. We’re all allowed to be proud of our kids, right?!

Strangely enough (or not) he was allowed to attend the year 6 leavers ceremony from his Enrich one day gifted school last week. He gave the sweetest farewell speech. I even got a tear in my eye when he said “It truly saddens me that I will sadly be no longer to go here”.

He was even a part of a milestone service at church a week ago, as he changes from the primary school to intermediate programme there next year. It was a special service, as his teachers praised our son for his strengths and uniqueness.

So… this week… I will just have to be content with him getting a leavers certificate at his primary school’s final assembly for the year.


We’ll have to have our own celebration on Wednesday afternoon, when he can finally put the struggles of primary school behind him.