It’s been a week of celebrating in our house. My son’s actual birthday back last Monday, a late present arriving on Wednesday, his Saturday party and Eragon (think blue dragon) birthday cake (which he gave a 10 out of 10), then getting a treat from the birthday basket at church today!

For me, this birthday has been all about reflecting on how far my boy has come.

And I think, finally, our twice exceptional boy is in a GOOD place.

He had the two loveliest boys join him on Saturday. New friends from intermediate, after his grade skip last year. It made me proud to see that he has made wise choices in friends, and that these boys accept him and his quirks. They had good fun together. And it was EASY! (Parents of ADHDers and highly or profoundly gifted kids will know what I mean). I even got to sit down AND finish a coffee (decaf) during the occasion!

DS11 (I am still getting used to typing that) was an easy baby – my second – feeding and sleeping well. He was a curious toddler who didn’t like buggy rides and got into cupboards and kept me very busy. As a preschooler he preferred to experiment in the sandpit, with water, up trees, inside and out, by himself… then tell me everything (and I do mean EVERY DETAIL). That has continued through the years; wanting my attention but struggling to form relationships with kids his own age.

So yesterday was special.

I wouldn’t say he was an early talker, but the breadth of his language expanded very quickly – and now he uses words I don’t usually. I admit to getting a dictionary out a handful of times to check meanings!

Other than that he met the usual early milestones. Then there was that before school check that highlighted his struggles socially… and began our diagnosis journey.

Since then we have learnt so much about him – ADHD, highly gifted, dysgraphia and anxiety. Only in the last couple of months I feel we understand what’s going on in his head and have finally got the right strategies in place to help him be the best he can be. Things have definitely got easier.

It only took us 11 years!

Of course something may again pop up. But for now I am enjoying the calm.